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Tech Support

How to measure your kitchen sink to find the matching grid?

The most common issue for kitchen grid is that it is overwhelming when you try to find a grid that fits your existing kitchen sink because there are so many models out there in the market. Here we would like to offer some guidelines: 1) It is super important to measure the dimensions of your sink at the plane about 1" above your sink bottom, which is where your grid will be sitting at. Do NOT just measure the opening of your sink as in most cases the sink wall is tapering down to the center. 2) You need to pay attention to the drain location of your sink. The drain hole location on the grid must match your sink's. 3) The corner radius of your sink must match our grid corner radius, at least close enough. For instance, the corner radisu of some handmade kitchen sinks is zero or very small. Then you need grid with minimal 3/16" corner radius. For dawn sinks or machine-made sinks, the corner radius is normally 3-1/2". In this case, the grid with 3/16" corner won't fit.